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(Virtual) Booze Cruise Through Spain

May 23 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The Class of 2001 and satellite classes (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003) are invited to attend this event…

The pandemic may have prevented us from sipping spirits on a lazy afternoon in a sun-drenched European plaza, but I know many of you Tigers indulged in your own foreign-inspired drinking at home! In our case, a variety of Spain-inspired drinks kept us company and we realized that the fame of Spain’s gastronomy often overshadows its equally exciting and diverse regional drinking customs. Let’s “travel” to Spain on an ‘01 Booze Cruise to learn about these grape-infused traditions.

Here’s where the fun begins: Mix yourself a sangria by following the recipe and watching the Easy Traditional Red Sangria video at https://www.tigers01.org/events/virtual-booze-cruise-through-spain/ before the event begins. We’ll kick off our discussion with a toast to ‘01 and then dive into pressing questions like, is sangria really Spanish? What’s the difference between Rioja and Ribera–not to be confused with Ribeiro? What are some qualities of cava that make it superior (yes, superior!) to champagne? Does sherry trace its origins to the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María… and what’s up with that special “catavino” glass?

We will organize the discussion geographically, traveling around Spain to discover its red wine, white wine, cava, and sherry traditions. We will also weave in photos we snapped of Spain’s vineyards and caves. With this loose structure, we welcome both your expertise and your questions so that we get as close as we possibly can get to sitting under a tent outside Little Hall (hungover) sharing stories about our drinking habits in Spain, or wherever.

Why listen to us? I’m so glad you asked! Beth Schmierer ’01 first traveled to Spain in 1995 as a teen to study Spanish and live with a family in the Mediterranean city of Alicante. She returned to Spain in 2012 to work in Madrid as an American diplomat. There she met her partner-in-crime, Thomas Worth, falling in love with him and the country simultaneously. Tom’s knowledge and passion for Spain also date to the 1990s when he moved there. Over the years, driven by curiosity and a love of grape-infused drinks, we have visited many bodegas and asked hundreds of questions – acquiring knowledge we’d like to share with you (if we can remember it)!

No need to pre-register. The Zoom link will be posted here on Sunday 5/23:


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Princeton, NJ 08540 United States
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