Golf Cart Rental

Golf Cart Rental

Personal Golf Cart Rental Information for Reunions 2020

Alumni returning for Reunions 2020 may rent a personal golf cart from Princeton University’s Office of Alumni Affairs to facilitate getting around campus throughout the weekend or for use in the P-rade on Saturday only. A valid driver’s license is required for operating a rented golf cart.

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Golf cart rentals are available for Reunions attendees with mobility impairments.

Due to a limited supply of golf carts, rentals are only available for more senior alumni with mobility impairments and alumni with a medical condition or permanent disability that affects their mobility. If this request is based on a medical condition or permanent disability, the Office of Alumni Affairs reserves the right to ask for a copy of the appropriate documentation, such as a letter from your physician, a copy of a state-issued HC ID card, HC license plate or HC placard. If your need lies outside of these terms, the University provides campus shuttles that run continuously during Reunions, as well as a robust golf cart transport service for alumni and guests called Reunions Rover.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart.

Golf Cart Options & Pricing

Alumni are able to rent a golf cart either for the entire three-day weekend or for use in the P-rade on Saturday only. Both 2-seat and 4-seat golf carts are available. Three-day cart rentals include lights which are required for driving when dark.


Quantities are limited and golf cart orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you require a golf cart for transportation at Reunions, we recommend ordering one by the end of April. We anticipate that all carts will be claimed by early May. Alumni are not permitted to contract with an outside vendor for a golf cart rental during Reunions.

Insurance Coverage Overview

Renters assume full responsibility for any damage or loss to rented carts while in use. This includes responsibility for replacement value if the cart is stolen and any claim that occurs as a result of bodily injury and/or property damage that is caused by the rented golf cart.


Driver must be familiar with the operation of the golf cart and review and adhere to the manufacturer’s “Warning Instructions” as posted on the golf cart.

Princeton University Rules and Regulations regarding the use of golf carts on campus must be strictly adhered to, including those for road crossings. Please consult the “cart pathways and crossing” map located on the Office of Risk Management website.

Golf carts are not permitted to be driven on public roads. If travel to a remote location such as the Boathouse or the Graduate College is required, other means of transportation should be used. In the case of an accident, a golf cart driven on the road is considered to be at fault.

Violations of New Jersey motor vehicle statutes while driving a golf cart may result in prosecution. This may result in the golf cart being impounded and rental forfeited.

Renters are not permitted to operate golf carts while under the influence of alcohol. Individuals found to be in violation of this will immediately have their golf cart privileges removed.

Golf carts driven after dusk must be equipped with a light.

All golf carts must be secured with a chain and lock when not being driven, and the key must be removed from the ignition. Lock and chain will be supplied by the University.

Golf carts are not permitted inside reunion headquarters sites. Please park them outside of the headquarters sites, and remember to secure them.


Golf carts will be delivered to your headquarters site by noon on Thursday, May 28, and dropped off no later than 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 31 to Lot 23.

Golf carts are not permitted inside reunion sites. Please park golf cart outside the site, and secure it with a lock and chain when not in use; a lock and chain will be supplied with your rental.

The cart pathways and crossing map shows where golf carts are permitted to drive on campus. Golf carts are not permitted on local roads other than Elm Drive on campus.

P-rade Golf Cart Usage

A three-day weekend golf cart rental may be used in the P-rade. On Saturday, May 30, the golf cart must be dropped off on the front campus lawn near Nassau Hall and Maclean House by noon, for it to be lined up in class order for entry into the P-rade. Golf carts are not permitted to stage along the P-rade route; their only entry into the P-rade is from the front campus lawn. University staff members will be on hand to help line up the golf carts for the P-rade. Immediately after the P-rade, on Poe field, Rover transportation service will be provided. This service will be designated for those with mobility impairments only. Rover Service on Elm drive will recommence after the road is cleared for use.

Golf carts rented for the P-rade on Saturday will be available only for use in the P-rade. The golf carts will be lined up on the front campus lawn in class order and keys will be distributed to the drivers roughly 15 minutes prior to the start of the P-rade. You will return your P-rade only rental golf cart at the end of the P-rade on Poe Field, returning the key to a University staff Member wearing a safety green golf cart crew t-shirt.

Payment Information

Pre-payment for a golf cart rental is required in full. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Cancellations made by May 1 will be issued a full refund. Cancellations made by May 15 will be issued a 50% refund. No refunds will be made after May 15.


Contact: Courtney Massari, Venue Manager, Venue Services, University Services

Phone: (609) 258-0286