Reunions 2020 Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference

Reunions 2020 Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference

Reunions 2020 Entrepreneurs Conference

Sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
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The conference will kick off with a Startup Showcase, featuring 3 Princeton Faculty startups and 3 Alumni startups, moderated by the Princeton Alumni Angels.

5:00 pm to 6:15 pm, Reunions Time (Zoom Room 1)
Princeton Startup Showcase, featuring 3 faculty-led and 3 alumni-led startups across a broad spectrum of sectors and solutions. Moderated by Rob Wolk ’91, co-founder of Princeton Alumni Angels of Greater New York.


11:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Different tracks for both content-rich panel discussions and for skills-building workshops.  And the conference will end with various Breakout Room discussions, managed by various venture funders with strong ties to the Princeton community.

11:45 to 12:25 Reunions Time (Zoom Room 1)
Direct from Davos – Towards the “Restoration of Trust”?
Dr. David Miller, Director of the Faith and Work Initiative and a faculty member of Keller Center will discuss his paper, coauthored by Dr. Michael Thate, which he presented at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos.

12:30 to 1:25 Reunions Time
A Conversation with Startup CEOs: Coping with Today’s Challenges (Zoom Room 1)
Karen Drexler ’81 (Sandstone Diagnostics), Trevor Sumner ’98 (Perch Interactive), Craig Limoli ’12 (Wellsheet), and others. Moderated by Jim Cohen ’86 (Fitz Gate Ventures).
Four experienced alumni startup CEOs share their strategies and learnings after having been suddenly confronted with the realities of an economic crisis.


Startup Workshop: Perfecting Your Pitch with Interactive Exercises (Zoom Room 2)
Ita Ekpoudom ’03 and Kareem Maddox ’11
This workshop will focus on building and delivering the best startup pitch possible. In this interactive pitch session, you will learn the elements of a perfect pitch and watch as some alumni founders get live feedback on their pitches. Interested in pitching? Send your pitch to

1:30 to 2:25 Reunions Time
Feature Panel Discussion: Emerging Investment Opportunities Post-Pandemic (Zoom Room 1)
Geoff Yang ’81 (Redpoint Ventures), Kara Nortman ’97 (Upfront Ventures), and others TBA. Moderated by Laurence Latimer *01 (co-founder, Princeton Alumni Angels of Greater New York).
Join alumni representing different areas of expertise across the venture community to discuss emerging investment opportunities and business models that the pandemic will likely catalyze.

2:30 to 3:25 Reunions Time
Arts & Entrepreneurship: Reimagining Fan Engagement (Zoom 1)
Leslie Wu Foley ’87 (Boston Symphony Orchestra), Lane Harwell ’02 (Ford Foundation), Jennie Scholick ’09 (SF Ballet), Margaret Walker ’09 (National Endowment for the Humanities), Catherine Cohen ’13 (Comedienne), Simon Wu ’17 (MoMA), and Clive Chang (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)
Alumni leaders of arts institutions and artist entrepreneurs spanning visual and performing arts will discuss innovations, experiments and solutions to today’s challenges, both short-term and long-term.


Startup Workshop: Nimble Startup – Planning to Survive and Thrive (Zoom Room 2)
Adi Dehejia ’91, (Banyan Finance), and Stuart Ahlum ’13, (Thousand Fell)
This workshop will walk through the planning a founder needs to do now in order to be prepared for continuing changes in the markets. Scenario planning tools recommended by Sequoia Ventures and First Round Capital will be presented, and you will see the exercise in action as Adi and Stuart work through a live case study for Thousand Fell.

3:30 to 4:25 Reunions Time
How to Engage with Entrepreneurial Princeton (Zoom Room 1)
Anne-Marie Maman ’84 (Princeton Entrepreneurship Council), Cornelia Huellstrunk (Keller Center), Tony Williams (Office of Technology Licensing), and Coleen Burrus (Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations). Moderated by Rod Priestley, Princeton’s Vice Dean for Innovation.
Join a discussion with Princeton’s leadership team across the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and explore how you can engage more deeply.


Startup Workshop: Strategies for New Entrepreneurs (Zoom Room 2)
Tom Meyer ’87 (Nassau Street Ventures), Will Watts ’09 (Block Renovation), Daphne Hoppenot ’10, (The Vendry)
How do you go from an idea to a company? Join serial entrepreneurs in conversation with a venture capitalist as they discuss where the idea came from, what they did to turn the idea into a company, how they approached funding, and how they built their teams.

4:30 to 5:30 Reunions Time
Networking Breakout Sessions (Zoom Room 1 | Zoom Room 2 | Zoom Room 3 | Zoom Room 4)
Join networking and continuing discussions with some of Princeton’s friendly funders. Stay in one room or hop between rooms.

Sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
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