Here’s a full schedule of featured performances at the major Reunions tents.

Thursday, May 19

Major Class Entertainment Group
5th 2017Faces for Radio | DJ Kevin Yang ’22
10th 2012Local Dialect
15th 2007DJ Bob
20th2002DJ Bob
25th 1997Mirror Ball Karaoke | Gypsy Wisdom
30th 1992FoPo DJs | DJ Jena Red
35th 1987DJ Chelsea
45th 1977DJ Ford Goodman ’77
50th 1972Princeton Student Jazz Trio
55th 1957Dueling Pianos
APGA APGA leafygreenspace, Graduate Student DJ
APGA APGA Drag Show, hosted by Angel Mirage *21
APGA APGA Tiger Experiment, Graduate Alumni DJ

Friday, May 20

Major Class Entertainment Group
5th2017Dancing Dream | DJ Scags (Connor Scaglione ’23)
5th2017DJ Relley Rozay (Durelle Napier ’17)
10th2012Jackson Greenberg | Rubix Kube
15th2007Hudson Horns | DJ Bob
20th2002The Nerds | DJ Bob
25th1997Café WHA | FoPo DJs
30th1992FoPo DJs | DJ Jack Rabbit | Right On Band
35th1987Grand Central
40th1982Madam Radar
45th1977The Sensational Soul Cruisers
50th1972The Mighty Spectrum Band
55th1967Dueling Pianos Band
60th1962Shama Lama
65th 1957Robert Bunning ’75 on piano
APGAAPGADJ Rekha, co-hosted with A4P
APGAAPGAEl Dusty, co-hosted with ALPA
APGAAPGADJ Classic, co-hosted with ABPA

Saturday, May 21

Major Class Entertainment Group
5th2017DJ Scags (Connor Scaglione ’23) | Wingtip
10th2012Fleetmac Wood
15th2007DJ OP
20th2002Franklin and Alison Music | DJ Bob
25th1997Hello Brooklyn | FoPo DJs
30th1992FoPo DJs | DJ Jack Rabbit | DJ Jena Red
35th1987Park Central
40th1982JukeBoxx Band
45th1977The Donner Grove Band
50th1972The Sensational Soul Cruisers
55th1967DJ James Pierson
65th 1957The Harbour Lights Quintet, with vocalist Sara Jones