Major Reunions Themes

Major Reunions

Old Guard

The centerpiece of Reunions for the Old Guard, the Saturday luncheon at Forbes will feature remarks by President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83 and the presentation of the Class of 1923 Cane to the oldest alumnus from the oldest class attending. Following the lunch, the Old Guard will head to Nassau Hall where they will lead the P-rade. A capella groups will entertain throughout the weekend during cocktail hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

65th Reunion - Class of 1959

65th Reunion: Class of 1959

Theme: “59’s Turning 65”

Celebrating the 67-year legacy of the “One and Only Tipsy Tiger,” the Class of 1959 is showcasing its original ’59’s beer jacket and featuring his imagery in the P-rade on large placards and affixed to the tops of golf carts. As the 65th logo indicates, the class won the Clancy Award in 2009 and 2014, under the leadership of veteran reunion chairs John Heyd, Fred Lang and Jay Siegel. On Thursday, the class will have a virtual tour of the Princeton campus by Ron McCoy in the Wallace Theater followed by a Friday lunch under the McCosh Tent and a memorial service in the University Chapel. The class will sing along with pianist Jim Freund ’56 on Saturday evening.

60th Reunion - Class of 1964

60th Reunion: Class of 1964

Theme: “A Mile a Minute is Our Speed”

Open to all attendees, the Class of 1964 is sponsoring a panel featuring classmates on Friday afternoon: “Class of 1964 Medical Forum: What Is Right and What Is Wrong With American Medicine in 2024?” followed by a celebratory class dinner under the McCosh Tent.

55th Reunion - Class of 1969

55th Reunion: Class of 1969

Theme: “4 Days of Peace & Music”

“4 Days of Peace & Music” is this class’s theme with four days of reconnecting with friends and great music, including dancing to the Around the Town and LandSharks bands, at their headquarter site located at Scully. Classmates will be participating in the Alumni-Faculty Forums by day and enjoying wine tasting, dinners and music in the evening. The class will take its class photo on Saturday followed by a memorial service at the University Chapel before the Fireworks which will be simulcasted on Cannon Green. The weekend concludes with a brunch on Sunday enjoyed with the Class of 1964.

50th Reunion - Class of 1974

50th Reunion: Class of 1974

Theme: Super Stars in Stripes Streaking Back for the 50th

The Class of 1974’s “Super Stars in Stripes Streaking Back for the 50th” is planning a weekend to remember for its 700-plus classmates and guests who are coming back to campus. The class will host five performance groups and floats for the P-rade and a return of their six giant rockstar heads to help them celebrate their theme. Musical performances by Clay Bell and Company, Jump Street and the East Coast Band will keep the class dancing throughout the weekend with additional entertainment by four a cappella performances. The class will host two forums on timely topics at their headquarter site, including a discussion of social, racial, and political currents on campus during their undergraduate years. Videos and slideshows of their time on campus, including the Academy-Award winning short documentary “Princeton: a Search for Answers” which was produced during the class’ undergraduate years will be viewed. Officiated by Dean Alison Boden, a memorial service will be held Friday morning at Nassau Presbyterian Church.

45th Reunion - Class of 1979

45th Reunion: Class of 1979

Theme: Family Classics

The class’s theme, “Family Classics” blends with the “We are Family” theme that the class adopted at their 40th reunion, which was merged with “’79 Returns to Classics” from the class’s 20th reunion.

Their 45th reunion is a look back at all the classic costumes and music they have celebrated since graduation. Classmates are encouraged to wear costumes (or have a few representatives who can fit into them) from their past major reunions to see how they have evolved over the years. Their class costume for their 45th features 45’s records with a Classic 79 label. The headquarter site will be decorated with references to 45’s and phots of classmates from all their major reunions.

The class will also sponsor a community service project which will support alumnus Jahmal Lake’s “Our Kids Can Read.” They will provide books and a campus visit for 40 children from a local Trenton School.  There will be a lunch with the children and a journaling session to help them write about their day at Princeton.

40th Reunion - Class of 1984

40th Reunion: Class of 1984

Theme: Feelin’ Groovy

The Class of 1984’s reunion theme, “Feelin’ Groovy – Born in the ’60s, Lovin Our 60s” reflects the class’s age and optimism as they return to campus in their sixties now for their 40th reunion. Reunions headquarters will be at Yeh College, a new courtyard that has only been used once before Reunions.

Their costume this year is based upon a 1984 Feelin’ Groovy fabric – large 60’s flowers on an orange background. Classmates will have a fun short-sleeved shirt and bucket hat made the fabric. Members of 1984 will also have class T-shirts bearing the Feelin Groovy logo.

Great entertainment is planned for all three nights of Reunions with a DJ on Thursday; the Sultans, a party and dance band who are performing at Reunions for the first time on Friday night; and on Saturday, Right On, a perennial Reunions favorite that first came to campus for a Class of 1984 Reunion, will perform under our tent following a class dinner at the Boathouse.

35th Reunion - Class of 1989

35th Reunion: Class of 1989

Theme: We Got Game!

The theme, “We Got Game!,” embodies the true spirit of the Class of ’89 – they enjoy a good game, and they’re up for any challenge. Whether the game is a brain-teasing puzzle, a brawny team sport, or other friendly competition (Twister?), they like to fully engage both mentally and physically and always keep it FUN!

On Thursday, arriving classmates will be told “Go Directly to Registration! Do Not Pass Go!” where the play begins. There will be class photo jigsaw puzzles, “Grad Libs,” special playing cards with the 35th reunion logo and even a custom crossword created by NYTimes crossword creator Ryan McCarty ’14.

On Friday, there will a variety of retro field games and activities for classmates to enjoy. In the spirit of the theme, the community service project on Friday will be a competitive, memory-jogging and classmate-bonding 1989 Game Show to raise funds and games for children in the underserved communities of Central New Jersey. Friday night we will be dancing to 80s tribute band Jessie’s Girl followed by DJ Shirin. Saturday we rock to DJ Kristaval. They will also be entertained by the Katzenjammers and NasSoul.

On Saturday, the class pays tribute to the 1889 Princeton undefeated National Championship Football team by donning vintage ’89 football jerseys for the P-rade. As they march together as a class they say they’ll show everyone that as the Class of 1989, “we ALL got game… we just express it in different ways.”

Class of 1994 - 30th Reunion

30th Reunion: Class of 1994

Theme: Studio 94

“Studio 94” is the most exclusive hotspot on campus located in the courtyard between Spelman Hall and New South. When it’s Friday night and the lights are low, this dance floor is the place to go. And when you just can’t boogie no more, retire to the VIP lounge and catch up with your friends. The class has booked Golden Bell and Disco Nights as their bands. There will be a Goodlife Coffee mobile barista Friday and Saturday mornings.

25th Reunion - Class of 1999

25th Reunion: Class of 1999

Theme: Blockbuster 25th: Be Kind, Rewind to ’99

Classmates from the Class of 1999 will enjoy a throwback to their college years, with their theme, “A BLOCKBUSTER 25th: Be Kind, Rewind to ’99,” incorporating the movies, music and memories that defined their time on campus. Thursday evening will feature Class DJs. On Friday night, Soulsystem, a band of world-class entertainers who have played for President Biden, the NY Yankees, Julia Roberts and Lenny Kravitz, will kick off the evening. On Saturday evening, the epic party band, Saved by the 90s, will play quality 90s hits. DJ Jenna, who had ’99s 20th Reunion rocking until closing time in 2019, is the late-night entertainment both Friday and Saturday. Kids and teens will find plenty of entertainment at the headquarter site, including a bounce/slide, photo booth, retro movies, arcade, and a fun assortment of games and activities. The class is also planning a community service volunteer event. Get ready to Party Like it’s 1999!

20th Reunion - Class of 2004

20th Reunion: Class of 2004

Theme: JurNassau Park

04’s theme is “JurNassau Park,” and the class is  looking forward to welcoming back the Din04s and their families next month! Over the course of the weekend, they will be reuning over fantastic meals provided by Campus Dining and a wider selection of “grown-up” adult beverages than they’ve had in the past. The class also has an abundance of activities and programming planned for the hundreds of kids in attendance, many of whom will be coming to Reunions for the first time, numerous classmates speaking on Alumni-Faculty Forums across a range of topics, and they’ll be joining the Class of ’99 in their community service project. The class of 2004 is also excited to have live bands every night, including Hello Brooklyn on Friday night and Rubix Kube on Saturday night! During the P-Rade, the class will be marching in their Jurassic Park inspired dino-safari costumes, chasing after the little dinos in their custom-made dino-hoodie outfits.

15th Reunion - Class of 2009

15th Reunion: Class of 2009

Theme: Rode09

Dust off your boots and grab your hats, because the Class of 2009 is ready to celebrate its 15th reunion with a rip-roarin’ rodeo theme! Join the class for a wild ride as they round up old friends, lasso laughter, and kick up some dust. On Friday night, ’09’s favorite Tramps Like Us will be returning to transport you straight to the streets of Asbury Park. On Saturday night, Kickin’ Nash will get your boots stompin’ to classic and modern country hits. Buckaroos will enjoy a bounce house and other activities throughout the weekend. So, hold on tight, ’cause they’re fixin’ to make some memories that’ll last a lifetime!

10th Reunion - Class of 2014

10th Reunion: Class of 2014

Theme: Malibu 10

With the class of 2014, you are enough! 2014 is celebrating its tenth anniversary with one of our childhood must-have toys. We’re kicking off Thursday with one of the hottest bands in the tri-state area, Modern Luxe. On Friday, we’ll have class brunch and dinner and sing our hearts out to all of our favorite songs with the cover band, Take Your Shoes Off. After the p-rade, we’ll dance the night away with Dj Mal. We’ll say goodbye until next year after brunch on Sunday.

5th Reunion - Class of 2019

5th Reunion: Class of 2019

Theme: The 19th Hole!

The 5th Reunion theme is “The 19th Hole!,” leaning into the term for a pub, bar or restaurant on or near a golf course, where golfers and non-golfers alike continue the day after the standard eighteen holes of golf or mini-golf, making the bar the “nineteenth hole.” Forget everything you know about traditional golf garb and decorum: instead of old school and buttoned up, think nostalgic and fun-loving. The theme pokes fun at the retro-golf style in a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek manner – dubbing their tent the “19th Hole,” a watering hole, of sorts, as a place where we will gather after a long time apart. Their ’19 for 19 community service project challenges the class to complete a total of 2,019 hours of community service as a class by Reunions. To up the ante, anyone who individually completes 19 hours of service will receive a special reunions pin. For entertainment, the class has booked bands like Variable Elements, Diamonds in Jupiter, Up All Nighters and Faces for Radio. Performances by the class’s very own DJs – Chris DaSilva ’19 and Elias Berbari ’19 – will keep the dance floor packed.


The APGA has planned activities from morning to night for this year’s reunion. On Thursday, come and celebrate the grad students as they just finished their general exams before dancing to Bad Tiger, a blues and classic rock band fronted by Dan Ruth *22 and Alby Padovan *22, followed by Angel Mirage and their drag show. Performers DJ Neurodive, DJ Classic, and Los Habaneros, co-sponsored with A4P, ABPA and ALPA will entertain Friday night with Silver Arrow on tap for Saturday night. Throughout the weekend, there will be panel discussions, festive meals and receptions at Cuyler Courtyard, along with individual department receptions.