Major Reunions

Major Reunions

Old Guard Logos

Old Guard

The centerpiece of Reunions for the Old Guard, the Saturday luncheon at Forbes will feature remarks by President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83 and the presentation of the Class of 1923 Cane presented to the oldest alumnus. Following the lunch, the Old Guard will head to Nassau Hall where they will lead the P-rade. A capella groups will entertain throughout the weekend during cocktail hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Theme: The Perfect Multi-Party System

APGA Reunions continues its 5-year cycle of focusing on the disciplines. This year, the APGA will honor the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) with “Reunions: The Perfect Multi-Party System” as the theme. The APGA will sponsor “An Energy and Sustainability Model for the World: Princeton’s Campus Becomes a Battery” and Princeton’s Architecture: It’s in The Details — Gargoyle Tour lead by Kim Howie *78. Eight graduate alumni will also serve as panelists on the Alumni-Faculty Forums.

65th Reunion: Class of 1957

Theme: Tiger Janus

Alumni will headline activities for this reunion. Norm Augustine ’57 *59 h07 will be the guest speaker at 2:30 p.m. in Forbes, and Robert Bunning ’75 will entertain the crowd on piano both Friday and Saturday nights.

60th Reunion: Class of 1962


Kicking of the reunion is a tour of Washington Crossing State Park in Pennsylvania, followed by a panel discussion with several judges on May 20. The Class of 1962 will hold a memorial service in the University Chapel at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 21, to remember and honor all departed classmates. All widows have been invited, and the service will be livestreamed for those unable to attend. A class dinner will conclude the festivities. The class hopes to set an attendance record for its 60th reunion attendance.

55th Reunion: Class of 1967

Theme: Clear the track! ’67’s Back — Again!

For the 55th time, the Class of ’67 Express is roarin’ back to Old Nassau. The Class will reprise their choo-choo theme, dressing up for the P-rade as Dinky passengers returning on the old-time Princeton Junction & Back Railroad. They’ll also sing “Fifty-fifth Year, Trundling Back Here,” the newest ride-the-rails verse to their perennial class song.

Douglas Kelbaugh ’67 *72 will serve a panelist on an Alumni-Faculty Forum: Climate Change and Energy Solutions in the 21st Century; Alan Blinder ’67 will moderate: Investing in Interesting Times: Global Markets in a Changing World. The class is sponsoring: Tales of P-rades Past: Marching to Prospect Street, 1897-1992, featuring Thomas Tulenko ’67, class marshal, open to all attendees on Friday morning.

They’ll also participate in class-only seminars on “Health and Wellness” and “Using Technology to Bring the Class Together” and have a memorial service in the chapel honoring deceased classmates. A highlight will be a reception and dinner Friday evening with the announcement of three new honorary classmates. All aboard!

50th Reunion: Class of 1972

Theme: Our Stripes Haven’t Changed

Thursday kicks off Reunions with a hard cider/wine tasting at 3:00 p.m., followed by an informal dinner on site with a student jazz band as musical entertainment. There will be a class meeting and memorial service on Friday afternoon, followed by a class dinner outside Blair Courtyard. The band for Friday night will be the Mighty Spectrum Band, making its debut at Reunions. Friday and Saturday lunches will be on site, as will Saturday dinner, which will be a variety of food stations, before the fireworks. The Saturday night band will be the Soul Cruisers, Reunions veterans, and on Sunday, the class will host a brunch.

The class is also hosting “Princeton and C.S. Lewis” at 2 p.m. with Max McLean, founder and artistic director of Fellowship for Performing Arts.

45th Reunion: Class of 1977

Theme: Born to Reune

For their theme, the Class of 1977 looked back at the musical artists who played on campus during their time at Princeton, and from those memories, they created “Bruce the Tiger.”  He was “Born to Reune.”

On Thursday night, the Class will host an art show, wine tasting and musical performances by classmates in Holder. They will mingle in Mathey Common Room among 20 pieces of art created by classmates while tasting various wines from the West Coast. Musical entertainment will be provided by classmates’ singing groups and other class musicians.

At the Holder tent, songs from the 70’s selected by classmates will stream throughout the weekend.

On Friday morning, the class is hosting a doctors’ roundtable with distinguished physicians giving updates in their fields, and on Friday evening, the class will have the Sensational Soul Cruisers perform after their class dinner. On Saturday morning, there will be a memorial service in the chapel followed by the class photo, lunch and the P-rade! On Saturday evening, the Donner Groove Band will perform at Holder.

40th Reunion: Class of 1982

Theme: Epic Belonging

The Class of 1982 chose its theme because “we understand that not all classmates had the same experience at Princeton but that we each are an important part of the Princeton story.” The class created programming that is “diverse, inclusive and inviting as possible,” comprising a broad array of topics, moderators, entertainment and presenters.

On Friday, the class is sponsoring “The Shape of the Universe” presented by David Spergel and a panel on bias along with breakout sessions. The former will be a high-level but accessible discussion of current and future thought on some of the most challenging and exciting issues in cosmology, and the latter will be an extensive discussion of unconscious bias, conscious bias, and how to recognize and deal with bias in our everyday lives.

During lunch on Friday, the class will present its class survey conducted by a classmate, who is both a professional pollster and a fierce wit. There were approximately 100 questions in the survey, and the class anticipates the program will be witty and interactive on what the survey reveals about our lives, opinions, and hopes since graduation.

35th Reunion: Class of 1987

Theme: In the Groove

With disco-themed costumes, the Class of 1987 is recruiting attendees to help break the World Record for largest Hustle dance (444 people) on May 20 at 3 p.m. in the Class of 1952 Stadium. All are invited! On Friday morning, classmates and guests are also invited to participate in a community service project, making no-sew blankets for children in need through Project Linus. The class will also host a memorial service, and five alumni will also serve as panelists on the Alumni-Faculty Forums.

30th Reunion: Class of 1992

Theme: Reunited

The Class of 1982 will certainly turn heads as the talented Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Band from New York City, leads them in the P-rade. Throughout Reunions, six alumni will also serve as panelists on the Alumni-Faculty Forums.

25th Reunion

25th Reunion: Class of 1997

Theme: 97 Prime Time 25th Reunion Special

It’s been a long time since we first set foot in Princeton’s hallowed halls… since we gathered together in dorm rooms and eating clubs to tune into shows like “Seinfeld” and “ER”… since we walked through Fitz Randolph Gate as Princeton University’s 250th graduating class… since we gathered at Reunions and gave three cheers for Old Nassau. The wait is over. We may be a little older and a little grayer, but we are not slowing down.  We’re just hitting our PRIME TIME!!!

The Class of 1997 is excited to have an opportunity to reconvene, laugh and broadcast their spirit across the Princeton campus. Returning classmates will find a weekend packed with activities and entertainment.  Five student a cappella groups will be performing at their Reunions headquarters throughout the weekend, as will the Princeton University Marching Band. Numerous classmates will be featured throughout the weekend’s Alumni-Faculty Forum conversations. Willing alums will be able to tune every heart and every voice with a Thursday night karaoke event supported by a live band. Friday will feature a Community Engagement panel followed later in the afternoon by a TV Trivia competition.  Before heading down to the P-rade on Saturday, the class will offer a Memorial Service in remembrance of our departed classmates.  There will be plenty of entertainment during the day to occupy attending children, and each night will be closed out with a phenomenal live band. And of course, there will be plenty of “Must See TV” broadcast throughout the weekend. Tune in!

20th Reunion: Class of 2002

Theme: 02 Tickets to P-radise

Four alumni will serve as panelists on the Alumni-Faculty Forums.

Class of 2007: 15th reunion

Theme: Sail the ’07 Seas

The theme for the 15th Reunion is “Sailing the ’07 Seas.” The class has nautical-themed costumes (think striped orange & white shirts, bucket hats with Princeton coordinates, needlepoint belt, etc.).

The class is sponsoring Coloring Roar, a Princeton-themed coloring book session open to all attendees, featuring the landmark watercolor campus portraits of alumna artist Laura Ann Trimble Elbogen ’07 S07 and a class beer/cider tasting scheduled with fellow alumni Dan Potter (Potter’s Craft Cider) and Doug Coombs (Ale Song Brewing & Blending).  For their class community service project, the class is supporting Stem to Stern, a middle school rowing program that brings children from Trenton to Lake Mercer for a combined learn-to-row and STEM program.

Class of 2012: 10th reunion

Theme: Hang 10

The class is sponsoring: Alumni in Food, Nutrition and Agriculture, open to all attendees on Friday afternoon. In addition, as their community service project, the class is sponsoring backpacks that will be distributed to youth in Trenton over Labor Day at Labor Day of Love, an event in which local barbers give free haircuts to students returning to school. Finally, six alumni will serve as panelists on the Alumni-Faculty Forums and Lex Brown will serve as moderator of the Alumni Faculty-Form, New Technologies in the Arts, held May 12 before Reunions.

5th Reunion: Class of 2017

Theme: Dancing Queen ’17

An ABBA cover band will play in the evening and five alumni will serve as panelists of the Alumni-Faculty Forums throughout the weekend.