The One and Only P-rade

Saturday, May 27 at 2 p.m.

Come to campus as the major reunion classes and the APGA march through campus beginning with the Old Guard and concluding with a special welcome to the Class of 2023!

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Reunions 2023 P-rade – Order of March

Grand Marshal
Heather M. Butts ’94

Flanking Marshals
James S. Rollins ’84
Judy P. Schmitt ’76

Point Marshals
Owen D. Garrick ’90
Aaron E. Kornblum ’93
Bruce O. McBarnette ’80

Princeton Flag
Lauren Fahlberg ’24

American Flag
Natalia Lalin ’24

President of the University – Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83
Chair of the Board of Trustees – Louise S. Sams ’79
President of the Alumni AssociationMary J. Newburn ’97
Vice President of the Alumni Association – Monica Moore Thompson ’89
Former President of the Alumni AssociationRichard J. Holland, Jr. ’96
Chair of the Committee on Reunions – Elizabeth S. Irwin ’04
Vice Chair of the Committee on Reunions – Prentis W. Hall ’79
Interim Deputy Vice President for Alumni Engagement – Jennifer Caputo


Oldest Classs Banner

Old Guard

25th Reunion Class Banner and Class Leadership
25th Reunion Class

Classes in Descending Order until the 26th
Graduate Alumni
Classes in Descending Order from the 24th through the 1st


Senior Class Banner
Senior Class